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landscape design

    The name of our company Club "Soul's Stairs" means:
- creating landscape design for your heart's sake;
- individual approach to an order.
    Designer, agronomist, builder, psychologist carry out a landscape project.  This collective work comes to the excellent result in a landscape design.
    There is an exhibition plot of land in Sheremetievo (12 km from Moscow), where customers can view the landscape design created and served by the company.
    We provide interior landscape design for private and corporative customers.
    The establishment of landscape plants is not landscape design, but is considered "landscape management". Landscape design is almost synonymous with garden design. Landscape design can, and should, embrace garden design, landscape management, landscape engineering, landscape detailing.
   Do you want to have a beautiful landscape design on your plot of land?
   Firstly, a landscape project is to carry out. Landscape design take into account soils, drainage, climate and other issues, because the survival of selected plants depends on those. Our specialist will come to your plot to get an order. Truly creative landscape design marries form and function-beauty with usability. Do you prefer curved lines or straight? What does a landscape mean to you and what are your expectations from landscape design? These are questions we ask before ever beginning a landscape design.
   Our plan always reflects the lifestyle and individuality of the people who live there. Also we bring out creativity to a landscape project.
   The landscape designer forms a sketch by hand, then  carries out a landscape project by hand. Usually during the discussion the project with you we change some elements two or three times. The next is the realization of landscape design on the plot.
     landscape project and design on the plot

     landscape design on the plot


     Landscape design is a method of providing inside territories with artistic value.
     Landscape design is a result of humans activity on a plot of land for creating beautiful views.
     Landscape design has some styles.
     Landscape style is a style of landscape design based on natural views without geometric figures, with flexible forms of garden constructions: paths and walks, walling, pavilion, pergola, arch, - with flexible forms of garden water features: garden reservoirs, ponds, - with flexible forms of groups of landscape plants: trees, bushes, flowers in flower bed.
     We use a landscape plants from our nursery that makes the process of greenery very quick and simple. These elements are well based on the background of garden hedge.
Elements of landscape design:
- stony slope with garden pond or reservoir;
- area for the rest with garden pavilion or other constructions between trees;
- wall of stone with flowers or other rocks in a garden;
- garden water features: spring, stream and pond or reservoir with garden rocks on the banks and bushes, flowers between them.
   Landscape project is an artistic passport of a plot. There are usually some zones in the landscape design of the garden without clear limits, which are in regard with illumination of sunlight.
    It's important to project out beautiful views and isolate poor details, to take into account the wishes of the plot's owner and opportunity of maintenance of the landscape project. One can have got not many landscape plants:
    trees, bushes, flowers or elements of landscape design in the garden:
    flower-bed, pavilion, garden reservoir or pond, garden rocks but everything is to be in harmony with each other.
    We work as with the empty territories which have been taken away under a landscape, and with old gardens, with forest plots. Usually, landscape design of forest plots does not suffice an ornament, beauty, bright colors. The eye of the person has a rest, but it is few emotions loading from this landscape. The decollate, densely overgrown park or forest has be cleared of low-value underbrush and defunct trees. It considerably improves the isolation of laid out a lawn. Landscape design is altered only on areas free from trees. On a solar glade it is possible to arrange a flower bed, under trees to plant the long-term flowers well growing in a shade, some bulbous, low bushes. Flowers and bushes are necessary for distributing on flowering time. And all season different plants will serially blossom, and landscape design of the plot will be attractive.
    Landscape plants we cultivate in our nursery at the North from Moscow.
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