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Japanese quince-tree

LAWN A green grass of a lawn supplies with comfort, regulates humidity of an air and moisture of a soil, absorbs noise and dust. A lawn is an imported element of a landscape design. We make different lawn according to the using and conditions:
      - decorative lawn the most beautiful lawn, but it is not hard wear  against trampling;
      - sport lawn grass mixture for sports fields and areas with hard wear and traffic consist of wear tolerant and fine leaved species which gives the best carpet of strong grass when carefully established and maintained;
      - sun and shade lawn grass;
      - universal lawn grass;
      We can establish for a customer ready lawn grass or lawn laying, that cultivates in the open air and then is drugged out with the layer of earth about 5 centimeters.
A lawn grass need much care of and service.
Utilitarian garden, flowers, bushes and many other elements of landscape design can situate on the lawn.

cornus alba      barberies


GARDEN HEDGE looks nicely on a plot. Garden hedge provides a garden with defense from glances of foreign people, from cold wind and  a favorable micro-climate appears. Garden hedge with a lawn is a perfect background for landscape plants, flower bed plants and other greenery, garden constructions, garden and water features. Garden hedge can show limits between different areas, that your landscape design foresees.
       There are straight, broken up, mixed, flexible by form garden hedge. There are the trimmed and grown by its nature garden hedge.
       Sometimes garden hedge are used as a defense from penetration to the garden.  This is   the thorny garden hedge. The garden hedge outside is usually higher than that one inside because of the garden hedge inside the plot has got only decorative importance.
    Before planting a garden hedge one is to find out direction of sunlight. Whether a hedge make a deep shade for another landscape plants or not? The growing of a  garden hedge is a very hardworking process, but it is cheaper then to build a fence of wood, stone or brick. Much patience are required for growing up a garden hedge 3-7 years depending on the  landscape plants: quickly-grown or slow-grown.
    The mixed  garden hedge of birches and fir-trees looks like a Russian forest. The mixed garden hedge of trees and bushes grown by nature is simple in garden service and care of, but occupies extensive area. The mixed and grown by nature garden hedge are a dwelling for birds, insects, little animals that is very important for ecology in a garden and provides your landscape design with emotions. The mixed garden hedge of high deciduous and lower evergreens (conifer) provides a garden and garden constructions with shade in summer and sunlight in winter. The garden hedge of conifers looks effectively all the year.
    Garden hedge of identical plants serves as a background for another greenery. The soil near a garden hedge loses fertility very quickly and needs of the application of fertilizers and another garden service and care. Our approach to visit your garden regularly and maintain the landscape plants and other greenery at the high standards. We have got a garden service and care.
    The best bushes for the climatic conditions of Moscow area are Cornus alba , Japanese quince-tree, barberies, spirea It looks effective, if you have some trees not far from the garden hedge.