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landscape design

      GREENERY is the planting of plants. Planting of greenery is a laborious process. You are to take into account peculiarity of soil, light, humidity, relief. Then  to choose landscape plants for greenery, which have necessary frost-, winter-cold- and drought-resistance. Some landscape plants for greenery love a bright light, some landscape plants for greenery prefer scattered light or shade. There are landscape plants for greenery which well naturalized for long-term cold spells. We cultivate only such landscape plants for greenery in our nursery for plots, and heat-loving landscape plants use for interior landscape design for home and office.
      Landscape plants for greenery we cultivate in our nursery on the North from Moscow and guarantee their taking root. We choose the plants taking into account proper consideration for weather peculiarities of mid-Russian belt. We have got young landscape plants for greenery in our nursery newly grown from seeds (seedling), landscape  plants for greenery grown by cutting shot piece of a plant (graft) and landscape plants for greenery newly grown by layers. Our nursery guarantee quality of the landscape plants for greenery of your garden.. Different methods of propagation supply our company with qualitative saplings in sufficient quantity. We sell our landscape plants for greenery in pots and drugged out with clumps of earth.
      Also we can offer plants for utilitarian garden.
      Changeable fashion makes land-owners reshape the landscape design of their properties, but one thing remains unchanged: landscape design of Russian estates are utilitarian to a greater or lesser extent. An orchard, a garden, strawberry borders along the tracks, beds with fragrant plants or herbs are arranged as a tribute to tradition, rather than out of mercantile considerations.
      A modern estate would hardly be decorated with endless potato rows or raspberry encircling the front steps; however a successful blend of practical and decorative species in landscape design, non-standart layout of the garden area or pharmaceutical beds would enhance visual attractiveness of the landscape. Nevertheless an orchard and greenhouses could be moved away to remote parts of the terrain, whereas a traditional kitchen garden could be hidden inside the classical boskets or behind light latticed screens twined with creepers. They love such methods of landscape design in Russia, and it's very nice.

landscape design
landscape design

       LANDSCAPE PLANTS (trees and bushes) differ from each other by color, size of leaves and flowers, by trunks and sprouts. One is to get to know peculiarity of growth and  developing of trees and bushes so that to compose them nicely.
       We can also plant on your plot fruit-bearing tree or and bush.
       Also we deal with:
    Landscape design, landscape project
    Planting of greenery in a garden, cultivating of landscape plants - trees, bushes, flowers  in plant nursery;
    Lawn, garden hedge, flower bed plants, garden service and care of;
    Garden constructions: driveway, paths, walks, walling; pavilion, gazebo, pergola, arch, porch;
    Garden water features: garden reservoir, pond, stream, cascade, waterfall, rocks in a garden;
    Interior landscape design for home and office.
      And now let's go back to landscape design and greenery theory.
     Greenery needs some analyses of a soil. It is necessary to carry out:
         - topographical survey;
         - to find out of the subsoil water's level;
         - analyze fertility of a soil (strongly acid, weakly acid, neutral, strongly or weakly alkaline, how much humus, nutrient elements it has);
         - if it is necessary to make a project of drainage system;
         - if it is necessary to make a project of automatic sprinkling system;
         This is the list of the most interesting landscape plants (trees and bushes) for Moscow and Moscow area, cultivated by the company in its plant nursery:
Cornus alba bush till 3 meters height. It blossom two times a season with white inflorescences, then white with blue shadow fruits are appearing. After autumn fall of the leaves bush's barks of cherry color is becoming visual. It is very fitted bush for the garden hedge, grown by nature.
Japanese quince-tree (Chaenomeles) thorny bush of 0,5 meters height. Leaves don't fell down till November and the bush is reminded evergreen. In May - June the bush blossoms with big (till 4 centimeters) orange and red flowers. Then apple-shaped fruits appear on the bush. These bush's fruits use for cooking jam. Japanese quince tree is very fitted bush for low garden hedge.
Barberries (Berberis)bush for high (2,5 meters) garden hedge. The bush can be trimmed. In June the bush blossoms with yellow fragrant flowers. Bright red fruits stay on the bush's sprouts all the winter. Barberries is a unpretentious, drought-resistant bush. There is barberries Thunbergii not so high bush (till 1,2 meter height). This bush uses for garden hedge too. There is bush of barberries with yellow foliage (Aurea) and with purple foliage (Atropurpurea). Barberries is very fitted bush for middle and high garden hedge.
Chestnut-tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) - tree of 15 meters height by conditions of Moscow area, big white with pink shadow inflorescence like candles, nice, big dark-green leaves. Expressive graphicity of tree's sprouts after foliage are fallen down (it is deciduous tree) look nicely. Big buds of chestnut-tree remind flower-bud in spring.
Weeping willow (Salix pendula) tree till 4-5 meters height with fallen branches, narrow long leaves that are silver-like from bellow. Weeping willow tree looks nicely near a water in a garden. The tree is very unpretentious and winter-resistant.